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    How can your story be told?

      1. Send us your Before Pictures

       2. Take pics monthly, weekly, daily to see progress

           3. Reach your goal and send us your best smile! If you're lucky we'll be glad to post it! 

"I am doing it! When I went over my goals, a supplement plan, meal plan, and workout plan was devised for me.

Since I started this process the weight has been falling, I feel younger, and I am rockin it! I'm helping my friend, Sara, who lost weight too! imfit4life!"

- Dave H & Sara

"People always pointed at me growing up and throughout my life because of being over weight. It hurt and I turned to eating more to try to feel better. I finally said enough is enough, and my life changed with my online personal trainer, Michael! He has helped me every day with the right food choices, and the right workouts for me. I feel like a new person after losing this much weight! I'm going for even more! I wake up now           with purpose and energy!         

My name is Tommy and imfit4life!"

"I learned how to meal prep! I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life, and my boyfriend can't keep his hands off me! LOL

imfit4life!" - Jess

Every member at imfit4life has their own story!                                                            

                                                              Each one is unique yet  similar, daring yet humble, loves life and is living the best life ever!

                                                   Join in and invest in your health, life, and make a positive impact to the World!